Dubious - Mumps EP (NunKi.rec)

Ivan Antezza's melodica first popped up on EP's like Dadub's 'Impressions' from 2009 and Jambassa's 'Owls' from 2014. In 2015 Dubious released a first self-produced single ('Escape/Away'), followed the next year by an eponymous 5 track EP. The title of successor 'Mumps' of course refers to the disease of the same name, but in Italian (Dubious is of Italian descent) the term is also used to describe someone with big ears in a mocking manner. Antezza did not come to his heart and now uses the term as a kind of badge of honor: "Since I started to be involved in music, I began to use this expression in a more metaphorical sense, urging people to focus when they're listening to my music or even to point out the grotesqueness of some of my work.". The track list of 'Mumps' contains 7 dubby instrumentals all with Ivan's melodica in a lead role.

Added: Aug 23, 2017