Ghalia Benali & Mââk - MwSOUL (W.E.R.F.)

For 'MwSOUL', an album she describes as her most spiritual and Sufi-inspired to date, Belgian-Tunisian singer-songwriter Ghalia Benali drew inspiration from the events during the Arab Spring of 2010. 'Mwsoul-in', opener and title track of the album, which translates as "connectedness", is based on a poem written by Egyptian poet Abdallah Ghoneem. In addition to the work of Ghoneem, 'MwSOUL' also features writings by other young lions and lionesses from the Middle East: Mostafa Ibrahim is another young Egyptian talent ('No Anger'), Lamia Abass is a young Iraqi writer who now lives in London ('The Fortune Teller'), and Hani Nadeem is a Saudi Arabia based Syrian author ('Here And Beyond'). An exception is 'Antidote', which is based on a poem by 12th-century Persian philosopher Shahab al-Din Yahya ibn Habash Suhrawardi. But the common thread in the songs on 'MwSOUL' is the timeless quest for connectedness and love. In addition to Moufadhel Adhoum's oud, 'MwSOUL' is dominated by the sound of Mââk's horn section (Laurent Blondiau - trumpet, Guillaume Orti - saxophone, Jeroen Van Herzele - saxophone, Michel Massot - trombone/tuba). Arabic poetry topped with a mix of jazz and brass band.

Added: Jun 29, 2017