Negritage - Guetto Roots Of Dub Vol. 1 + Greetings From Planet Dub: Guetto Roots Of Dub Vol. 2 (Dub-O-Phonic)

Negritage is a project around Argentine producer, graphic designer and multi-instrumentalist William 'Willy' Baterola. Together with Nach Gumo (bass/guitar), Pato Ñato (percussion), Fer Chio (bass), Yuuri Bambo (melodica) and Fede Eter Dub (flute/pan flute) he already presented a first long player in 2013. Meanwhile 'Guetto Roots Of Dub Vol. 1' has become the most downloaded release on the Dub-O-Phonic label, and hopefully Baterola can repeat this feat with the recently released 'Greetings From Planet Dub: Guetto Roots Of Dub Vol.2'. It are mostly the 6 vocal contributions on this successor (the work of guests like Wolverhampton, UK, based Sammy Gold, Brixton-born Zion Irie, who has since relocated to Bram near Carcassonne in France, New Yorker Jam York, Ibel Campbell from Jamaica and finally Cyprus-born Haji Mike) that lift it to a slightly higher level than its predecessor. Certainly different are songs like 'From Kyrenia With Dub' and 'Early Days' in which the lyre of Cypriot Christina Polycarpou and the mandolin of Italian Michele Bolognese aka Mandelion got a leading role. And as true jack-of-all-trades Willy Baterola was of course also responsible for the colorful sleeve designs of both albums. Two excellent dub releases to be downloaded for free on the Dub-O-Phonic website as per usual!

Added: Jun 29, 2017