Sabrina Malheiros - Clareia (Far Out Recordings)

Yours truly got to know Sabrina Malheiros, daughter of Azymuth bassist Alex Malheiros, two years ago, when, on the occasion of her debut album's tenth anniversary, Far Out Recordings presented a deluxe reissue. And now there's 'Clareia', a brand new 11 track album once again produced by Daniel 'Venom' Maunick (son of Incognito front man Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick). Where last time we still described Malheiro's sound as a mix of bossa nova, samba, hip-hop, r&b and jazz, the songs on 'Clareia' lean much more towards funk and disco (opener 'Celebrar', 'Sol, Ceu E Mar', 'Renascera', 'Porto Do Sol'), of course, still with that unmistakable samba-vibe (title track 'Clareia', 'Vai, Maria'). The result is the almost perfect soundtrack to a Brazilian summer making the listener long for a caipirinha on the beach of Ipanema!

Added: Jun 29, 2017