Anthony B - Rise Up (Greensleeves)

'Rise Up' is without any doubt one of the best (if not the best) album that Anthony B has released in recent years!

Anthony B - Life Over Death (Born Fire Music)

The release of this new Anthony B album has already caused quite a stir; not because of the extreme content or innovative musical trends, but because of the dispute that threatened to emerge with the Greensleeves label, who were also on the verge of releasing a new Anthony B album.

Anthony B - Higher Meditation

Barely a few months after his previous release 'Suffering Man' Anthony B returns with 'Higher Meditation', an album produced by French producer Frenchie containing the sort of conscious dancehall tunes that have become the singjay's trademark.

Anthony B - Suffering Man (Tad's Record)

Anthony B's latest, 'Suffering Man', on the Jamaican Tad's Record label, starts splendidly with 'Bless Up', a great tune on the Cuss Cuss riddim. However, maintaining that level for the remaining 20 tracks, seems a bridge too far, even for Anthony B.

Anthony B - Black Star (Greensleeves)

Anthony B has taken on the goal to spread the message of Rastafari also beyond the borders of the reggae music; his recent 'Unforgettable' album, full of crossover experiments with hip-hop and r&b influences, being a good example of those efforts.

Anthony B - My Hope (Minor7flat5)

Anthony B is a busy-bee. Only weeks after the release of his strong 'Black Star' album on Greensleeves, he surprises us with 'My Hope', released on Minor7flat5, a label to which the expression "small is beautiful" certainly applies.


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VK, Brussel B 11/2001

VK, Brussel B 04/2005

Petrol, Antwerpen B 12/2006