Alam is a band around vocalist Marie Biguereau from the Gironde region in Southwest France. In Indonesian band name Alam translates as "nature", in Arabic as "the world", and in the Tagalog-dialect of the Philippines as "to know". The band has been around since 2008, and released a first long player, 'Premier Souffle', that same year, in 2011 followed by successor 'Family'. In 2014 there are some changes in the lineup of the band and Marie falls pregnant for a second time. With 'Un Autre Chemin' the band still releases a 5 track EP ('Better World' is a reworking of the eponymous acoustic song on that EP), but then things go quiet. Until now that is, as with 'Sounds Of Freedom' Alam returns stronger than ever. The songs on the album reminded us somewhat of Italian band Earth Beat Movement and also of female vocalists like LMK and Soom T ('We Are The Future'). The latter actually makes an appearance on 'Sounds Of Freedom', as she joined the band for title track 'Freedom', a highlight from a track list filled with conscious tracks. Other tracks that definitely deserve your attention are the soulful 'Better World', dreaming of a better world, there's the rootsy 'Open The Borders', in which Alam clearly advocate an open border policy, and in the energetic revolutionary pamphlet 'Someday' you'll hear snippets from a speech by Charlie Chaplin from 'The Great Dictator'. 'Dad', a somewhat corny tribute to her father, is a bit of a disappointment, and the slide guitar driven love tune 'Cocoon', also wasn't really to our taste, but the disco-flavored 'Tomorrow', also the only song on 'Sounds Of Freedom' in which Biguereau alternates between English and French, and 'Never Fade Away' Alam gets on track again. The album concludes with 'Open The Borders Dub', a successful dub version of the aforementioned song. With this very enjoyable release, Alam can add yours truly to their ranks of fans!