According to Alborosie we need a double revolution: "We need a good revolution, so the World shall listen. We need the right revolution to be free and independent. Free from mental slavery and poverty!" the liner notes of '2 Times Revolution' read and hence also the title of his new opus. Pupa Albo seems to have taken the criticism about his excessive recycling of old hits (see songs like 'Money' or 'Steppin Out' on his previous album 'Escape From Babylon') to heart, because '2 Times Revolution' is completely made up of original compositions. Alborosie was apparently pleased with 'Blessing', his collaboration with Etana, because the duo worked together again for 'You Make Me Feel Good'. Most surprising song from the track list is 'La Revolucion', a catchy tune in Spanish reminiscent of Sergent Garcia's work. Once again Alborosie infuses the tracks on this album with the required dose of humor: he plays an Italian mafia don on 'International Drama' and introduces us to his pet weed plant in 'Camilla'. Yours truly got the impression finally to hear the real Alborosie on '2 Times Revolution'. Let that be a recommendation for a very diverse album by a clearly still evolving artist.