For 'Unbreakable', with which the Shengen Don puts his twenty-five-year reggae career in the spotlight, Alborosie joined forces with The Wailers. Albo started the recording sessions for 'Unbreakable' with keyboardist Tyrone Downie and drummer Aston Barrett Jr., and after a while it only seemed logical to invite bass player Aston 'Familyman' Barrett and guitarist Junior Marvin to join in as well. It should therefore come as no surprise that several songs on 'Unbreakable' ('Too Rock', a duet with Beres Hammond, 'Wailing Dub', in which former Innocent Kru member Hemsley 'Benzly Hype' Morris Jr. can be heard, 'Youth Like Me', written in collaboration with Duane Stephenson...) - have a real Wailers-vibe. However, of a completely different order is opener 'The Unforgiven', a combination with Raging Fyah, and a cover of Metallica's metal hit of the same name in a style we'd like to describe as Ennio Morricone meets new roots. Apart from the aforementioned Beres Hammond and Raging Fyah, Chronixx (the excellent 'Contradiction'), J Boog, who, with title track 'Unbreakable', signs for the most upbeat song in the track list, and the recently reviled Jah Cure also make an appearance on 'Unbreakable'. Other highlights on the album are 'Lie', in which Alborosie denounces our culture where the lie has become so ingrained in daily life we've come to regard it as a normal phenomenon, 'Table Has Turned', in which Albo tells his own story, from the local laughing stock to international musician, and 'One Chord', about the power of music: "All me need is one chord to start a revolution…". The album is dedicated to Cleveland Smith, brother of Sandy Smith, one of Alborosie's regular background vocalists, and Ale Soresini, drummer with Reggae National Tickets, the Italian reggae band where it all started for Pupa Albo. It's only fair to admit that we initially had our reservations about a collaboration between Alborosie and the few remaining Wailers, but with 'Unbreakable' the Shengen Don presents an excellent album deserving a top spot in his discography.