Alpheus may have made a name for himself with 'Quality Time', recorded at Studio One in 1999, but when asked about his favorite producer, the London based singer will undoubtedly answer: "Roberto Sanchez!". 'The Victory' is his fourth collaboration with the Spanish producer and the third album distributed by Spanish ska label Liquidator Music. Once again, the duo guarantees a highly infectious mix of ska, rocksteady and early reggae, spread over 11 new tracks for which Sanchez composed new but firmly vintage sounding riddims. Opener and title track 'The Victory' is finger licking good early reggae. Fans of more up-tempo work can check out ska tunes like 'Rudies', 'Live It Up' or our personal favorite 'Family Fruit', a ska version of a lullaby of sorts about the safe haven a family can be ("Brought home my pay today for family to reap. Today's the day the fruit ah bear for we, pickney don't fear we there for you. Daddy's here, mommy's here to care for you. Papa is here, mama is here to guide you. Daddy is here, mama is here to care for you, you, you!"), and with rocksteady songs like 'Nicer Than Nice' and 'Rude Love', Alpheus goes lovers. A special mention goes to closing track 'We Are The People', in which Gorka Fernandez' trombone got a leading role. First-class craftsmanship!