After two EP's (2015's 'Ganja Free' and 2014's 'Di Humble Warrior'), Omar Gordon aka Amlak Redsquare is now also finally presenting this long player debut. The singjay from Dunkirk in East Kingston is a cousin of Spragga Benz, and it was the tragic death of Spragga's son Carlyle in 2008, which inspired Amlak also to opt to follow the path of music. Not only does 'The Book Of Judges' appear on Spragga Benz' label RSQRB Productions, Benz also made a vocal contribution and alongside Rseenal Di Artillery can be heard in 'Tek Yu Beating'. But where the combinations on the album were concerned, we were more taken with 'Freestyle' featuring Exile Di Brave and Tóke, and 'Get Ready' featuring Kazam Davis. It's especially that last track that, together with 'Judgement Time' and 'Judge', is one of the true highlights on 'The Book Of Judges'. Not all tracks on the album have the same impact, but none the less, Harald Gottschalk aka King Opossum from True Lion Sound Productions in Cologne, created a number of original riddims that seem to suit Redsquare's flow perfectly. The most original sounding is closing track 'Creator Works', a song sound-wise reminding us of On-U Sound and actually more trip hop than reggae. Recommended listening for fans of the current generation of artists from the Jamaican roots revival scene!