In the past Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra already covered as song by Serbian gypsy icon Saban Bajramovic on multiple occasions, nicknamed Black Panther, and now dedicates this entire album to the man's legacy. Saban got his nickname when as a conscientious objector he was imprisoned the Goli otok prison island off the coast of Croatia and, as a member of the prison football team proved himself to be an excellent goalkeepe. Piece of music trivia: the rhythm of the album's title track is based on Sublime's 'The Ballad Of Johnny Butt'. Band leader Gregor Engelen describes 'Black Panther' as Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra's most coherent album to date and that both content-wise and musically, but it were the numerous reggae influences that really caught our ear (opener 'Babylon Trap', title track 'Black Panther', 'As They Wish', 'If I Had A Heart'...). With opener 'Babylon Trap', Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra plays a fun play on words, because the "trap" in the title refers both to a trap or a pitfall as to the eponymous music genre: "Trap beats are hugely popular these days, although I’m not a fan at all myself. But if you combine it with oriental trumpets, tallava - a type of synthesizer music that is very popular certain parts of The Balkans - reggae and gypsy sounds, you get something else altogether: sexy shit!". Amateurs of a good historical television series will certainly recognize 'If I Had A Heart', as it's a gypsy reggae cover of the theme tune of 'Vikings'. Apart from 'Black Panther', the track list still contains another tribute, because 'Balkan Hotstepper' is a salute to the Louvain based sound system of the same name. 'As They Wish' is an indictment of right-wing extremism and populism once again on the rise; even though for the gypsies they never really went away. For 'Romani Cereni' (loosely translated: "my gypsy star"), a lighthearted love song, Gregor digs up his best Serbian Romani. Greek proved just a little too complicated though, so Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra turned 'Tha Sou Kani Kapsonaki', a song by Greek singer Litsa Diamanti, into a surf instrumental. The Antwerp based band concludes in the Antwerp dialect with 'Amai Da's Na Straf' ("that's something else"), a love song the band recorded a few years back (an English version of the song, 'Cinematic Sailor', can be found hidden on the album somewhere). Excellent gypsy reggae party!