For his new album Arkaingelle (born Roxroy Mykal Younge and just like Blackamoore hailing from Guyana) for the second time joined forces with American Zion I Kings. Back in 2017 there was already 'True Da Fyah', now followed by 'Nah Watah Down', a title that speaks for itself. 

Arkaingelle and producer Jah David Goldfine colaborated with top musicians like veteran keyboardist Robbie Lyn (title track 'Nah Watah Down', immediately one of the highlights from the track list), drummer Aston 'Family Man' Barrett Jr. ('Daga' and 'Inna Life'), drummer Jonathan 'Rankine Jedd' Rankine and keyboardist Pau Dangla Valls (both members of Dub Treatment, Jah9's regular backing band), trumpeter Patrick Tenyue (brother of Matic Horns), and finally I Grade Records producer Laurent 'Tippy I' Alfred, who provided an excellent closing dub of 'Waan Pay Fah' (in which you can also hear Andrew 'Bassie' Campbell's kette or repeater) and did the mastering. 

The track list also features a single combination tune in the form of 'Light Da Torch', for which Arkaingelle invited Kabaka Pyramid and Pressure Busspipe. None the less, these aren't the only other voices you'll hear on 'Nah Watah Down', as for the interludes Arkaingelle invited elders from the Rastafari movement like Bongo Isaac, Bongo Nanny and Bongo Cutty, and in the intro you can hear Wounderful Counselor, the man who gave him his stage name (simultaneously referring to his first name Mykal, one of the four archangels, and the quality of Arkaingelle's voice). 

Recommendations from the track list are certainly title track 'Nah Watah Down', the spiritual 'Daga' (popular South African slang for ganja or marijuana), 'Inna Life' (supported by Andrew 'Drew Keys' Stoch's wonderful trombone), and the excellent militant ganja-tune 'Waan Pay Fah' (of which a final double version can be found), but, if like yours truly, you're only discovering this artist now, 'Nah Watah Down' offers the perfect introduction!