If you're looking for an excellent album full of authentic Cuban son, guajira and trova, give Arturo Jorge y El Cuarteto Tradicion's 'Finca Santa Elena' a chance. Arturo was born in San Rafael, a village in the rural Granma province of southeast Cuba. Jorge plays a unique self-designed double tress, which he baptized "octatres", and for the time being he is the only musician on the planet who plays the instrument. For his songs Jorge likes to draw inspired from rural life in his native Granma. Arturo is often compared to Cuban music heroes like Miguel Matamoros, Polo Montañez and Compay Segundo, and in 'No Va A Morir La Trova Tradicional' he certainly doesn't hide his admiration for his musical heroes. Not by his own hand is title song 'Finca Santa Elena', which was penned by Tumi Music founder Mo Fini and has also been used for the soundtrack of 'Mambo Man', a soon to be released fact-based film about JC, a local music producer and promoter, farmer and smalltime crook, who survives by using his wits and imagination. Authentic Cuban charm!