The title already says it all, for 'Soul Constitution' the Japanese Dub Store Records compiled a series of instrumentals and dubs Wailers-bass player Aston 'Family Man' Barrett recorded between 1971 and 1981. Most of the tracks on this compilation could already be found on 'Cobra Style: Productions From The Wailers Musical Director' and 'Family Man In Dub', two 1999 compilations released on the American Heartbeat Records label. The vast majority of the songs in the track list are original compositions, but every so often Family Man revisits a classic. 'Distant Drums' and 'Distant Drums Version' are versions of Yabby You's 'Love Thy Neighbour', and 'Tribute To Y Mas Gan', is, as the title suggests, an instrumental version of the well-known Abysinnians classic. Other highlights include soulful opener 'Soul Constitution', the excellent 'Family Man Skank', 'Cobra Style' and the disco mix of 'Well Pleased' featuring Vin Gordon's trombone in a leading role. Gordon is far from the only well-known musician who contributed to these tracks, as greats like Herman Marquis - clarinet, 'Deadly' Headley Bennett and Glen DaCosta - saxophone, David Madden and Bobby Ellis - trumpet, Tyrone Downie - piano, Earl 'Wire' Lindo - keyboards, Carlton 'Carly' Barrett and Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace - drums and Bongo Herman - percussion, all pitched in as well. Excellent compilation and finally some financial justice for this iconic bassist, who in 2006 still lost a lawsuit demanding his share of the royalties to the Marley-songs he'd collaborated on.