Two years after their acclaimed debut 'Ras Attack ', last year even crowned revelation of the year at the Victoires du Reggae in Fr ance, eccentric duo Stoneman and Daddy Cookiz aka Atomic Spliff returns with 'Robomuffin'. And just as was the case with their previous album, this release is also accompanied by a corresponding comic illustrated by Stoneman himself. The content of the comic more or less follows along the lines of the lyrics of 'Apelle-moi' and title track 'Robomuffin', with Stoneman describing a world populated by mindless robots. When two of them happen to pass a sound system, their hard drive is formatted and their new mission becomes spreading raggamuffin in order to make the other robots rebel as well. Then what to say about the music on 'Robomuffin'? The tracks vary from a tribute to rocksteady ('Rock & Steady') over sturdy fragga ('Peaceful Warriah', 'Plus Haut') and hip-hop ('Nerveux') to a digital duet with French LMK, aptly titled 'Gal Inna Di Dance', and even some ska in the cheerful closing track 'A Wa Do Dem'. One of our personal favorites is 'Mr Postman', about the love hate relationship we all have with the guy distributing our daily mail, and that they are also able to tackle more serious subjects Daddy Cookiz and Stoneman prove with 'Pas Assez', in which the duo sharply criticize the world of plenty we westerners live in, but one in which it's never enough. Yours truly already called Atomic Spliff the Belgian answer to Raggasonic and for now we're sticking with that statement. Very strong Belgian release!