In the absence of a solid bio (the only thing that we found out about the band is that they arose from the ashes of The Milleniums) we're forced to judge Balaxy Orchestra's debut album purely on its musical merits. Balaxy Orchestra's band name already contains a reference to the Milky Way and that also goes for the title of 'Wilky May Trip'. One could classify Balaxy's sound as being Balkan music, but that would be selling the band slightly short. Of course there are Balkan influences on 'Wilky May Trip' and with their horn section that's hardly surprising, but in addition, the guitars of Pieter Thys and Roeland Van Noten occasionally assure a serious rock vibe, and, of course, there are the vocals by Assunta Mandaglio, a singer with Italian roots whose name alone makes one dream of faraway places.

Orchestre International Du Vetex, an almost twenty-piece brass band formed in Kortrijk in 2004 with the noble thought of bringing together musicians from Flanders, Wallonia and Northern France (bearing in mind the current political situation in this country, an almost noble endeavor) sounds a lot more like a brass band. 'Le Beau Bazar' is a reissue of the band's 2005 debut album for which they looked at brass band music from Eastern and Western Europe and beyond for inspiration; Orchestre International Du Vetex literally blows the life into the party!