We're fast approaching the end of the year, the moment for Star Wars fanatics to start looking forward to another instalment of the space epic. In the meantime amateurs of reggae and dub can already enjoy 'I'm Your Fader', an EP with a solid nod to the franchise. Bass Trooperz is a collaborative alliance between French duos Ashkabad (Anthony 'Rodj' Antcliffe and Bastien Raymond) and Mahom (Antoine Mavel and Joris Herda). In the track list four solid steppers, including two remixes ('Bass For Peace', a Mahom production that was revamped by Ashkabad, and 'Kinshasa', a tune with Congolese influences for which Mahom returned the favor) and two new songs: 'Stalker Army', in which an excerpt from the 1969 phone conversation between President Nixon and astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin can be heard, and 'Skank Empire', for which an excerpt from an anti-imperialist speech by nineteenth-century American politician William Jennings Bryan was used. May the bass be with you!