From 1987 to 2003, Johan Steevens (guitar and vocals), Iwan de Lang (bass), Marco van Krieken (drummer) and Michel Steevens (keys) built a reputation for themselves in The Netherlands as Beatbusters. That band still exists, but now performs with a completely different line-up. However at the original members began to tickle the music microbe, resulting in the formation of BB'87. For this double debut album, the band revisited a number of songs from their Beatbusters years and filled the second disc with material from their archives that had never before been released on CD. At times the content of the songs reveals their age (the euphoria surrounding the euro in 'Euro' has already longtime faded) and we've heard better versions of Jamaicans classic 'Ba Ba Boom', but we did enjoy 'Corleone Ska', a ska version of 'The Godfather Waltz' from the soundtrack to film classic 'The Godfather'. Musically there's not much to complain about – we're talking longtime veterans here - but, as for some reason is often the case with ska bands, the vocal abilities of vocalist/guitarist Johan Steevens couldn't quite convince.