Who still remembers the time record companies put out vinyl records featuring only three or four songs (think Fela Kuti or in the reggae Ijahman Levi)? To do that in this day and age takes guts, but that's something South African BCUC or Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness certainly has got aplenty! Under the slogan: "Music fort Hey people, by the people, with the people!", the seven-piece band from Soweto mixes South African music from the shebeens (pubs/bars in the South African townships), local church tradition and traditional rituals with funk, raps and a rock and a rock-'n-roll attitude; a sound they baptized "Africangungungu" and for which they alternate between English, Zulu and Sotho. On 'Emakhosini', Zulu for "from the kings", the two extra-long 15 minute plus tracks, with echoes of the work of predecessors like Batsumi or Philip 'Malombo' Tabane, and as a bonus, the South African band concludes with 'Nobody Knows', their Africangungungu-version of the classic Negro spiritual 'Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen'. Recommended listening!