Artists deciding to release a double album simply because they have too much material laying around, usually makes yours truly become somewhat uneasy, because often far from all tracks reach the same level, but with veteran crooner Beres Hammond, of course, you don't have to worry about that. For 'One Love, One Life' Beres neatly divided twenty tracks over two discs: on the first he collected his lovers tunes and on the second the more socially critical tracks. The album opens with the very up-tempo ska lovers tune 'Can't Waste No Time' and 'No Candle Light' is also a more than catchy love song. It's not all ska and reggae on the first disc though: for the last three songs ('More Time', 'Shouldn't Be' and 'The Song'), all ballads, the crooner opts for a soul approach. The second disc doesn't really contain any bad songs, but title track 'One Love, One Life' (a revamp of the Studio One classic 'Love Me Forever') somehow stands out. Beres concludes with 'I Humble Myself', an excellent duet with Samantha Strachan, a singer we weren't familiar with yet. 'One Love, One Life' is an absolute top-release and if you know that for the album Hammond collaborated with top musicians like Bopee, Sly & Robbie, Robbie Lyn, Flabba Holt and Style Scott, to name but a few, this just couldn't have gone wrong. VP Records refers to Beres as a Grammy-nominated reggae icon and where yours truly is concerned, it's about time he gets to take the award home figurine!