The release of 'Le Futur Du Passé' was preceded by two EPs, but this is indeed the debut long player effort of Bernard Orchestar, a ten-piece Brussels Balkan brass band that was founded back in 2011. The band mixes traditional Balkan music, but also influences from Turkish orientalism ('Kavur Baliklari', a reworking of a Turkish traditional with Isabel Sokol-Oxman on vocals, and also the finale 'Le Boucher Espagnol' is based on a Turkish traditional), with western electro and drum & bass influences, thus literally creating "the future of the past". Highlights from the track list include instrumental opener 'Henri Piège', Balkan fanfare meets drum & bass, the dubby reworking of the aforementioned Turkish traditional 'Kavur Baliklari', the festive 'Unua Kopanica', in which Balkan fanfare slowly turns into Western club music, 'Halay 808', with an organ reminiscent of Omar Souleyman's dabke, and finally the psychedelic 'BBB'. You will undoubtedly have noticed that we had a hard time choosing, but we have a good excuse as with 'Le Futur Du Passé' Bernard Orchestar presents the best Balkan album we had the pleasure listing too in a long while.