Le Bitty nouveau est arrivé! At last, because this album was actually already announced in back in 2007! All that waiting created high expectations, but rest assured the trio McLean, Dunbar and Shakespeare doesn't disappoint in the least; on the contrary, this is one of the best reggae albums we've heard in years and the term "perfection" is never far away. An album for reggae purists, this is not; Bitty loves his soul classics, something that will come as no surprise to his true fans, and also manages to excel in this genre (with 'You're Welcome, Stop On By', a cover of a song by Bobby Womack, Bitty resurrects Marvin Gaye). Apart from the cream of the crop of Jamaican musicians (Robbie Lyn, Dalton Browne, Dean Fraser, Nambo Robinson, Keith Sterling, Sticky Thompson...) Bitty invited only one guest vocalist: Johnny Osbourne. 'Jahovia', the duet they recorded over a reworking of the Trouble You A Trouble Me riddim, is also the most rootsy song on the album and a few other Taxi classics like Guess Who's Coming To Dinner ('Plead My Cause') and Unlimited Taxi ('Lately') were also revamped by the riddim twins. Nuff said, listening time!