Four years after his comeback album 'Journey', Brummie reggae legend Black Symbol returns with 'Behold', an album for which he got assistance from Steel Pulse vocalist/keyboard player Selwyn Brown and sound engineers Angus Jones and Wooligan. Just as was the case for Capital Letter's 'Judgement Day', the final mix was done by Compendulum. The track list contains a nice mix of new songs and successful covers. In the latter category we certainly want to mention title track 'Behold', an a capella reworking of the Culture classic, in Black Symbol's version really putting a lump in one's throat, but 'Mama Say', a reworking of the Heptones classic can also absolutely convince. As for the new tracks, it were mainly opener and ode to mother earth 'Mother Of Creation', 'Collie Bud', a slow ganja tune with an Aston Barrett-like bass line in which Black Symbol looks back on his childhood in rural Jamaica, and finally the up-tempo mama tune 'Mama Say'. The icing on the cake are four dub versions for which Compendulum got carte blanche. Top UK roots release!