Shantel might have turned his back on Balkan music; fortunately there are still established names like Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar we can rely on. After the 2012 hit compilation 'Golden Horns', the orchestra around father and son Markovic returns with 'Gipsy Manifesto', an album that turns out to be an up-tempo party starter. With English-language songs like 'Balkan Karavan' or 'Čokolada' Boban and Marko even come pretty close to Shantel's Bucovina repertoire. Most tracks on 'Gipsy Manifesto' were written by Marko and to assure a fuller sound the classic brass instruments were supplemented with bass, drums, guitar, piano and accordion. With this Gypsy manifesto Boban and Marko affirm Balkan music is far from written off.