'B.O.E.M.' is the debut effort of an Italian formation by the same name hailing from Emilia Romagna. That being said however, we can't really tell you much more about this band, except that it was founded by bass player and songwriter Enrico Massari and that the whole album was recorded in just three days. The five-piece opted for English as their language of choice and a sound similar to the classic roots rock reggae of Bob Marley & The Wailers. Their sound certainly can't be called innovative, but, none the less, 'B.O.E.M.' turns out to be an excellent laid-back reggae album with a nice nineteen seventies vibe. A special mention should certainly go to guitarist Ermanno Fabbri, whose skills take the songs on 'B.O.E.M.' to a different level. For 'One Place' the band clearly drew inspiration from The Bee Gees' 'Staying Alive', but our personal favorites from the track list are 'Beat The Wall', in which Fabbri's weeping guitar is given a leading role, and the dubby anti-gun statement 'The Man With The Big Gun' (especially in the Low-Fi Version, the final track on the album).