Bombino could have been the name of a hardcore reggaeton artist, but is, in fact, the pseudonym of the young Tuareg musician Omara Moctar debuting with 'Agadez' on the Cumbancha Discovery sub-label. Bombino (a corruption of the Italian "bambino" or "boy") grew up in Agadez, a town on the caravan route in Central Niger. Like most Tuareg, Bombino also ended up in Algeria and Libya and it was there that he got his first electric guitar, an instrument that remained forbidden in Niger as it was thought of as being too reactionary. As his biggest influences Bombino quotes Jimi Hendrix, Mark Knopfler and of course Tinariwen. His career changed gears after he met filmmaker Ron Wyman in 2009. Wyman was so impressed by Bombino he promptly offered him a starring role in his documentary "Agadez, The Music And The Rebellion" and also offered to produce this album. Wyman wasn't wrong; 'Agadez' is a solid effort and Bombino is clearly a natural on the guitar. The desert continues to amaze!