Brave Heart is one of those Jamaican talents unjustly having hard time making it on the international stage, but perhaps things will finally change with the release of 'Simple Love'. Brave Heart (real name Albert Harrison) was born in Ocho Rios, but grew up in August Town, Kingston. He started his musical career in the early nineteen nineties as a deejay with sound systems like Turbo Charge and Massive Hi-Power, then still under the pseudonym Pancho. In 1993 he recorded his first song for Xterminator producer Philip 'Fatis' Burrell, but even though that track was never released, several albums and EP's followed. At the time Brave Heart was introduced to Fatis Burrell by Homer Harris, Sizzla's mentor, and that the latter certainly had an influence on Brave Heart's singing style, on 'Simple Love' is illustrated by songs like 'Sad To See You Crying' or opener 'Bon Fyah', in which he uses a falsetto sounding similar to Sizzla's. For 'Still A Say Rasta', Brave Heart recycled the refrain of Sister Carol's 'Natty Live Up' ("Gonna be a Ras until the day Jah come for me, gonna be a Ras until the day Jah set I free!", and for 'Love Is All', in which we, among other things, detected a talk box effect, was given a bit of a hip-hop vibe. Brave Heart also put together an interesting guest list for 'Simple Love'. In recent years Brave Heart has been commuting between Jamaica and France, hence the name of his own label JamFrench Records and the fact that in opener 'Bon Fyah' French -Cape Verdean singer Mo'Kalamity makes an appearance. 'Sort It Out' was still recorded with Doniki, who passed away in 2016, but our personal favorite is 'Tracks Of Tears', a combination with Mark Wonder. As far as the solo songs on 'Simple Love' are concerned, our personal highlights were 'Bad Boy Johnny', about the misadventures of a rudeboy, the aforementioned 'Still A Say Rasta', and love tune 'Picture Perfect'. Solid singjay album from an artist who probably deserves more attention than he's been getting so far.