With 'Turbolence', Brazzmatazz, a nineteen-piece (!) Ghent based brass band (3 trumpeters, 2 alto sax players, 2 tenor saxophonists, 2 baritone saxophonists, 3 trombone players and 2 sousaphone players, snare drum, bass drum and percussion) presents its long player debut. In the 12 tracks on the album we heard, among other things, funky influences from New Orleans brass bands and Gypsy rhythms from The Balkans ('Tiny Tiger'), but also ska/reggae ('Fasten Your Ravo', 'Raveteef Roedel'), jazz ('Helping Hands'), salsa ('Mezcal Y Sangrita'), and even drum & bass ('Draaikolk'). But most of all 'Turbolence' reminded yours truly of American band Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. Of course one should really experience this kind of music live, and as it happens Brazzmatazz has already built themselves a reputation for their original steampunk-style shows.