Brooklyn Gypsies is a project for which producer and multi-instrumentalist Takuya Nakamura (aka Brooklyn Gypsy) invited musicians from Spain, Japan, Russia and the United States. The first result of their collaboration is 'Sin Fronteras', a fusion of influences from jazz ('Fafisa'), flamenco (opener 'Camels Of Blue'), the Arabo-Andalusian music tradition ('Zeina', title track 'Sin Fronteras'), reggae/dancehall ('BK Gypsy Dancehall' featuring Bajah of Dry Eye Crew, 'Kunta Baba'), dub and gypsy music. The sound of Brooklyn Gypsies immediately reminded yours truly of the repertoire of Ojos De Brujo, but bands like Watcha Clan or Transglobal Underground also sprung to mind. Translated from Spanish 'Sin Fronteras' means "borderless", and that's exactly what real world music is supposed to be!