After the success of 2018's 'Code Name', a further collaboration had to follow, so Brother Culture and Swiss Evidence Music now present successor '12 Lights'. 

In the track list, 16 new songs with, apart from productions by Evidence Music, also contributions by Radikal Vibration ('Battlefield', the album's first single, 'Clear My Name', 'Final Push'...), Addis Records ('The Control', 'All That Noise'), Little Lion Sound ('The Control') and Derrick Sound ('Fling A Fyah', 'Rootsman'), and including two combination tunes: 'The Control' featuring Brazilian revelation Junior Dread, and opener 'Stepping Up' with Jamaican veteran Nello B. 

At the time of the release of 'Code Name', Brother Culture was still in a Mexican cell, and on '12 Lights' he processed that traumatic experience in 'Clear My Name'. 

'12 Lights' sounds a lot more militant than its predecessor, mainly manifesting itself in solid UK steppers tunes like the aforementioned and very appropriately titled opener 'Stepping Up' featuring Nello B, 'Battlefield' or even 'Fling A Fyah', occasionally felt a little too monotonous. 

Luckily the track list also features songs like spiritual title track '12 Lights', about the mysticism surrounding the number twelve, or 'The Control', the duet with Junior Dread, and one of the absolute highlights on '12 Lights', 'All That Noise', a version over the Baltimore riddim, or 'Brexit', unfortunately still highly topical. 

A solid successor, which will certainly convince fans of UK steppers, but just doesn't quite reach the level of its predecessor 'Code Name'.