Roots Musician Records starts the year with 'Ancient Fire', the debut EP of Buddahfly, a seven-piece band from Boston, Massachusetts, on the east coast of the United States. Supplemented with Rebelution saxophonist Eric Hirschhorn, New Hampshire based Roots Of Creation lead vocalist/guitarist Brett Wilson, and the production talent of E.N. Young this yielded 4 vocal cuts, a great dub version of opener 'The Flow' and the semi-acoustic closing track 'Burn Fiya (Josh's Song)', which seems to have little in common with the rest of the songs on 'Ancient Fire' in which the band mixes reggae with influences from hip-hop and rock. No coincidence it seems, as in this song, recorded during an improvised session in Boston, you can hear MC/vocalist Jedi Kush, guitarists Will Glass and Brandon Lynch as well as former keyboard player Josh Glynn. The latter was killed in a tragic car accident last summer, and the song is meant as an ode to his commitment to the band. Even though opener 'The Flow' is actually about striving for a better world, the lyrics coincidentally also summarize what Buddahfly stands for: "Go with the flow, yes that's all that we know...", nicely adding them to the list of American reggae bands like Rebelution, Through The Roots, Tatanka and others.