For the financing of this eighth long player, Californian band Burnt mounted a successful Kickstarter campaign resulting in a double album with a track list of no less than 20 (!) new songs. On 'Majestic Walrus' once again that mix of ska ('Blackberry', 'Peppers', 'What Do You Think'), reggae ('The Meaning', 'Slofade', 'Any Stone'), hip-hop ('The News', the dubby 'Ugly Dubling', 'Keep'), punk rock ('Disco Nice', 'NO!'), highlife ('Waters Melting') and more, and this time also a bunch of guests (some band members of Debonaires from Riverside, California, B-JAH of Beyond Rhythm, rapper Karmic Basis, Michael 'Miguel' Happoldt of Perro Bravo and Nathan McCoy aka Rivel from the UK). 'Majestic Walrus', the title of this new long player, refers to the song the band already recorded back in 2008 (but that only saw the light in 2014); a tribute to the beautiful animals which meanwhile ended on the list of endangered species, as their habitat came increasingly under pressure. In this way, for Burnt the walrus symbolizes everything that endangers our planet and thus the survival of the human species. To visualize the album title, the band called on Jimmy Ovadia, a visual artist from San Diego, who designed the sleeve design and the rest of the album artwork. Reggae and more with an ecological message.