Yours truly has never been a big fan of tribute albums, but for 'Bushman Sings The Bush Doctor' we'd gladly make an exception. The reason for this is twofold: the adaptations Bushman did of Tosh's songs sound far from bad, and, more importantly, Peter Tosh, who disappeared from view somewhat unfairly, deserves this homage. For 'Mama Africa' and 'Don't Look Back' Bushman invited Buju Banton and Tarrus Riley. The first ensured the version of 'Mama Africa' had that little bit extra, but Riley, who sings the vocal parts sung on the original by Mick Jagger, stands out too much. 'Bushman Sings The Bush Doctor' was actually already announced in 2008 and the fact that it's only being released now is another nice illustration of the malaise the music industry is still facing. It only remains to be seen wither the youngsters, apart from Peter Tosh, will also remember Bushman as his previous album 'Get It In Your Mind' already dates back to 2008 when it passed without causing much of a stir.