'Colors Of Brazil', distributed by Tumi Music, is in fact a reissue of two albums by Brazilian band Cabruêra; both 'Visagem' (2009) and 'Nordeste Oculto' (2013) appeared on the Nikita Music label. The band from Campina Grande in Paraiba has been around since 1998 and mixes Brazilian genres like maracatu, ciranda, coco/embolada, forro, and of course samba, with influences from rock ('Sina The Violeiro'), funk ('Passarada'), reggae, ska ('A Pisada', 'Fumaça'), electro, hip-hop and even some Asian vibes ('Nordeste Oculto', 'Aboio Indiano'). The term "cabruêra" is Portuguese for "a herd of goats" and as goats will eat just about anything that crosses their path, the link with the sound of the band is quickly made. It was also one of the nicknames for the gang of Lampião, also known as the Brazilian Robin Hood or Jesse James, and for the one a folk hero and for the other a bandit and murderer. Ideal release to get to know this colorful Brazilian bunch!