German Pow Pow Productions has built themselves a reputation recently by focusing on releases by new and/or unknown reggae talent. Yours truly already enjoyed the albums by Elijah Prophet and Daddy Rings and now there's 'Lyrical Fyah' by Cali P, the son of a Swiss mother and a Guadeloupe-born father. From the latter he probably inherited his musical roots, because the man is an active member of Akiyo, a famous traditional percussion group from the French West Indies. 'Lyrical Fyah' contains no less than 19 tracks, twenty if you count the intro - The Lord's Prayer in Amharic - and maybe that's a few too many! For most of the tracks Cali P sounds in great shape, but the more dancehall inclined tunes ('Africa', 'Hypocrites', 'Inna Di Dance'...) don't suit him. Top tracks: 'It's Not A Dream' featuring Straika D and 'Take Care Of My Family' on an acoustic version of the Crystal Woman riddim.