Calypso Rose, born Linda McCartha Monica Sandy-Lewis in Bethel, Tobago, is a living legend in her genre: in 1972, she was the first to conquer the title "Calypso Queen" and six years later she added she was crowned "Calypso Monarch" (a title not taking into account the sex of the artist and equaling something like Emperor or Empress of calypso) as well. Thanks to the renewed interest in calypso, 'Long Way Home' revitalizes her long and successful career. Producer of this album was Ivan Duran, whose Stonetree label in the past was also responsible for the revival of Garifuna music, and most of the songs were written by Kobo Town front man Drew Gonsalves. As luck would have it Manu Chao was relaxing in Port-Of_Spain at the time of the recording of 'Far From Home', resulting in three contributions to the album. But on 'Far From Home' Calypso Rose ventures into more than just calypso, because the track list just as well contains soca ('Zoom Zoom Zoom'), mento ('Trouble') and ska (title track 'Far From Home').