With 'Armoei Troef' ("poverty allover") Campina Reggae introduces the successor for its 2008 debut 'Vet En Verstaanbaar'. The formula - humorous reggae in Campine dialect - has changed little, but the majority of the tracks on 'Armoei Troef' sound a lot more rootsy than the ones on its predecessor. Exceptions are the Cuban-inspired 'Zwaartekracht' ("gravity"), the funky 'Obibini' (Vangool's nod at bands like Wawadadakwa or Belgian Afrobeat Association, he was a part of in the past) or the dancehall tune 'Ni OK' ("not OK"). To modern standards 'Armoei Troef' would rather be called an EP, but Campina front man Steven Vangool is apparently hoping also to release a vinyl version of the album to which that number of songs applies perfectly of course. Great second chapter!