As one of the few, we weren't too impressed with 'Wolverhampton', the "new" Capital Letters album, but this dub version of that same album mixed by Dave 'Oldwah' Sandford, did tickle our fancy. If you just try to forget for a second that this release has anything to do with what passes for Capital Letters, you'll end up with a very solid dub album just the same. Instead of the 14 tracks on 'Wolverhampton' on 'Wolverhampton In Dub' you're even treated to 17 dubs, as Oldwah also signed for three alternative mixes in which he could unleash all his creativity. We'll leave you with the two tracks on 'Wolverhampton In Dub' that really drew our attention, 'Wolf ' and 'Jamaica Dub (Dubwise Alt)', to which Sandford added animal and boat sounds.