The last few years the Spanish-Catalan musica mestiza scene is slowly but surely bleeding out. Still, there are some strong holders who're bravely soldiering on. A fine example are Argentine-Colombian Che Sudaka, this year celebrating their fifteenth anniversary. To put the event in the spotlights the band now also presents 'Almas Rebeldes', a new album for which, three new songs no withstanding ('Los Objetivos', 'La Mente' and 'Plegaria'), Che Sudaka revisited 11 of their biggest successes flanked by a host of  friends and colleagues like: Manu Chao, Amparo Sanchez (Amparanoia), Dr. Ring Ding, Yacine Belahcene (Cheb Balowski) and Jupiter & Okwess. The title of the album the band dedicates to: "...all the souls who rebel against the feeling of impotence ...and who struggle to keep thinking and feeling that we are all just one - despite the madness in which society has been transformed today!". The title track was taken from 2007's 'Mirando El Mundo Al Reves' thanks to Dr. Ring Ding was given a ragga-vibe here. Che Sudaka may specialize in infectious and highly danceable songs, that doesn't mean they are devoid of content. On the contrary: 'Mentira Politica' (from 'Tudo E Possible' and here given a raggamuffin-vibe by Capricornio Man, hailing from Monterrey in Mexico) is about the hot air most politicians are selling, for the intro of 'La Guerra Es Por Dentro' (from 'Trippy Town', the band's 2003 debut album), the band used a quote from Argentine singer-songwriter, peace activist and philosopher Facundo Cabral, but assured to put a lump in your throat - even though you'll need at least some basic understanding of Spanish to get the message - is 'Reflexiones' ("reflections"), the outro of the album in which Catalan veterinarian and activist Gustavo Duch talks about sustainable agriculture and the harmful consequences of the current capitalist production model. Festive anniversary album with a message from a band with a rebellious soul.