If we are to believe the press release accompanying this Makasound release, 'Clive Hunt & The Dub Dancers' is the first dub album produced in Jamaica in about twenty years! As dub albums go, 'Clive Hunt & The Dub Dancers' is certainly not a letdown; Hunt serves the sort of classic dub we most like to hear. Standout tracks: 'Satta I', a dub version of the title track of Hunt's album by the same name (recorded under the pseudonym Lizzard back in 1976), 'Marley Dub', a nice dub of Bob Marley's 'Stiff Necked Fools' or even 'Groovin Dub', giving a dub treatment to Richie Spice's 'Groovin My Girl'! Dub it Mr. Hunt!