With 'Network & The Future', recorded in collaboration with Turbulence, Colah Colah confirms the talent we already detected on last year's 'Networks'. Colah Colah and Turbulence take turns tackling the same riddims including a lot of classics (Swing Easy, Tempo, Please Be True, Taxi). The most fun, however, is 'World Wide Cry', on which both gentlemen share the microphone. Both 'The Bees', 'Songs Of David And Proverbs Of Solomon', 'Survival', 'Good Heart, Good Mind' and 'Networking' were already included on 'Networks' but were revamped for this album; gone is the computer-controlled sound which irritated yours truly somewhat last time and instead we get riddims that where recorded old-school style in the studio! 'Network & The Future' is one of the big surprises of the past year and might well earn itself a place in our top ten for 2013!