Sometimes the name of a project already tells the whole story, and that's certainly true in the case of ComboNations. Driving force behind ComboNations is Iranian Santur player Javid Afsari Rad, who, for this project, united some of Oslo's best international musicians. It resulted in a lineup of musicians with roots ranging from India (tabla player Jai Shankar, Harpreet Bansal - violin) over Ivory Coast (the US already known percussionist Diom De Kossa) and Senegal (Solo Cissokho - kora) to Morocco (Aissa Tobi - rabab, gimbri). It resulted in an enchanting album on which continents and nations seem to fade away and only the universal language of music remains; and with 'Dunya', Arabic for "this world", Javid couldn't have picked a more appropriate title!