Csavi (real name Shavon Mitchell) was born a member of a musical family in the Bahamas and learned to play the piano at the age of five. Csavi's (pronounced "savvy", meaning smart or cunning) undeniable passion for music eventually earned her a Bachelor's Degree in Performing Arts, after which she further developed her skills as a producer, sound engineer, singer-songwriter, musical advisor and voice-over artist. In 2012 Csavi settled on the Turks and Caicos Islands, two island groups southeast of the Bahamas that are part of the Antilles and still form a British overseas territory, where in 2014 she released her self-produced album debut 'Hard To Reach Places' (re-released as 'Break Loose' in 2019). However, it was when Csavi got invited to collaborate on reggae and gospel artist Gray Patch's 'Victorious' album in 2016, that her career really started taking off. In that same period, she put out a string of singles like 'All I Need' (2017), 'Gone Again' (a 2018 collaboration with Sly & Robbie), 'Rude Boy', a duet with Konshens from that same year, and 'War Chant Joy' (2017), produced by the same Achinech Productions also responsible for this 'New Perspective' EP. The track list counts 6 conscious tracks, stylistically somewhere between the work of Reemah and Etana. Our recommendations: dubby opener 'Let Jah Be Praised' and the solid sing-along anthem 'Call On Jah'. Thanks to this excellent calling card from a talented young artist, the reggae scene's women's legion gains another soldier!