We're always happy to be able to introduce a new artist from the stable of MacLes Music Factory, and this time that's D-Prezzy (real name Karrol Anthony Hamber), a Belgium-based Jamaican from Spanish Town. On 'Black Diamond', D-Prezzy's debut EP, 10 tracks of which closing track '#1 Contentder', D-Prezzy's version over the Sad Song riddim, and 'Dem Cyan Stop Me', were already released as singles previously. The vibrato in D-Prezzy's voice unintentionally reminded yours truly of Fantan Mojah, and together with the productions of MacLes, that results in a 10 track EP full of solid new roots that immediately made us nostalgic for the years around the turn of the century when artists like the aforementioned Fantan Mojah, Junior Kelly, Lutan Fyah and a lot of others reigned supreme. In fact, none of the tunes on this appropriately titled 'Black Diamond' EP disappoints (even though love tune 'More & More' teeters on the edge of mellowness), but we still like to give you our personal favorites: solid opener 'Strong Like A Lion', immediately setting the tone for the rest of the track list, ganja tune 'High Grade', the cheerful up-tempo 'Dem Cyan Stop Me', and finally 'Best Inna Dem', about always trying to see the best in the others while they might not share that view. Excellent calling card from an artist you should definitely keep an eye on!