Portuguese accordion quartet Danças Ocultas is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary this year and that's the sort of occasion making musicians want to broaden their horizons. In the case of 'Dentro Desse Mar' (Portuguese for "in this sea") you can take that very literally, because for this album Artur Fernandes, Filipe Cal, Filipe Ricardo and Francisco Miguel São did not only join forces with Brazilian cellist, composer and producer Jaques Morelenbaum, jazz drummer Robertinho Silva, percussionists Marcelo Costa, Paulo Braga and Marcos Suzano, pianist David Feldman, guitarists Lula Galvão and Rogério Caetano, mandolin and cavaquinho player Luis Barcelos and vocalists Zelia Duncan, Carminho and Dora Morelenbaum, but for the recordings the foursome also took to the Caso do Mato Studios in Rio de Janeiro. The result is a largely instrumental album 'Danças Ocultas' wanted to build a musical bridge between Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro with, two culturally closely related cities separated from each other by the enormous Atlantic Ocean, but: "An ocean is also a sea of sounds and the instrument can be our ship.". Fascinating Portuguese-Brazilian accordion 2.0 trip, which sometimes sounds like a cinematic soundscape (opener 'Azáfama', 'Caixinha De Música'), then goes neo bossa ('As Viajantes' with Zelia Duncan), elsewhere may sound lik a deliciously melancholic fado ('O Teu Olhar' with Carminho), or playful like in 'Búzios' or 'Sorriso'.