'Life Is In The Blood' is already Danny I's third album for I Grade Records producer Laurent 'Tippy I' Alfred, but was our first real introduction to the work of this Christiansted, US Virgin Islands born vocalist. Apart from Tippy I, Zion I Kings and Green Lion Crew also collaborated on this album and that golden triumvirate of Virgin Island-reggae made for an excellent long player that will surely appeal to fans of the sound. Danny I's lyrics are, in contrast to the often cryptic oracling of Midnite/Akae Beka front man Vaughn Benjamin, easy to understand without the tracks losing their typical Virgin Island vibe. As he icing on the cake, Tippy I from I Grade Records and Zeke Stern from Green Lion Crew provided seven dub versions of the vocal cuts on 'Life Is In The Blood'. Our personal favorites: 'Lost Kings', title track 'Life Is In The Blood' and 'Say A Prayer For The Youths', but, in all honesty, this album is on big enjoyable Virgin Islands trip, so just push play and let yourself be carried away!