Dean Fraser may be one of the most in demand and therefore busiest musicians in Jamaica, he only records solo albums on a very irregular basis, making 'Melodies Of D.E.B.' his first new long player since 2005s 'Plays Reggae Songs Of Praise'. For once the title perfectly sums up what the album has on offer, so we get 15 instrumental saxophone versions of some of Dennis Brown's greatest hits - from 'Sittting & Watching' and 'Have You Ever' over 'Cassandra' and 'Money In My Pocket' to 'Wolf And Leopards' - supplemented with 'If I Follow My Heart', originally recorded by Alton Ellis, and 'How Could I Leave', as 'How Could I Live' originally a composition by Dwight Pinkney (actually one of the musicians on this album together with, among others, Sly Dunbar - drums, Lloyd Parks - bass, Franklyn 'Bubbler' Waul - keyboards, and Nambo Robinson - trombone), covers the eternal crown prince of reggae made more than his own. Excellent tribute and an absolute must for sax-lovers!