The debut album of Derajah - the young boboshanti always accompanying the Inna De Yard All Stars - should originally have appeared on Makasound, but the bankruptcy of the label decided otherwise and 'Paris Is Burning' remained in the racks. 'Paris Is Burning' is perhaps not immediately an album title you'd expect from a Jamaican artist, but for the album Derajah collaborated with French backing band The Donkey Jaw Bone (a reference to the exploits of Samson who using a donkey jaw bone killed a thousand Philistines; Judges 15: 15, "And he found a new jawbone of an ass, and put forth his hand, and took it, and slew a thousand men therewith.") and title track 'Paris Burnin'' is Derajah's take on the 2005 riots in the suburds of Paris. The sound of the album is greatly influenced by the nyahbinghi percussion Derajah already was familiar with from his collaboration with Inna The Yard All Stars. 'Bun Dem To Rass' is a successful version on Kiddus I's 'Graduation In Zion', 'Run Run' is an infectious combination with Big Youth and of course Derajah's big hit 'Oh Yeah Yeah' couldn't be missing from the track list. Yours truly doesn't have a bad word to say about 'Paris Is Burning' and this might well be our favorite reggae album for 2011!