Bruges-born Dijf Sanders is known as a composer of soundtracks filled with exotica, psychedelia, jazz and electro, making the listener long for far-off places; a sound he likes to describe as "future exotica". For 'Java', commissioned by Europalia and KAAP Creative Compass, Dijf traveled to the eponymous island in Indonesia in the spring of this year, where he explored city after city and village after village in search of interesting music and rhythms. Back in Belgium, together with guest musicians Nathan Daems, Filip Vandebril and Simon Segers (all band members of Black Flower), he distilled 10 tracks from the hours of field recordings he'd brought back from Indonesia. Several of the titles on 'Java' ('Kacapi', 'Kendang', 'Angklung', 'Calung', 'Gamelan'…) refer to local instruments - respectively a zither, a double-sided drum, a idiophone, a xylophone and metallophone - Dijf discovered over there. The result is a fascinating aural psychedelic trip. Essential listening!