Diron Animal, the flamboyant front man (see also the cover photo of 'Alone') of Angolan-Portuguese band Throes + The Shine spicing kuduro with influences from rock and electronic music, now tries it solo with the aptly titled 'Alone'. Diron was born in the ghetto of Cazenga in the Angolan capital Luanda, but relocated to Portugal a while ago. That being said, Diron claims that he left the ghetto but the ghetto hasn’t left him. On 'Alone' he mixes rhythms from his homeland like kuduro and semba with influences from house, afrobeat, hip-hop, electro, coupé-décalé or funk, constantly alternating between Portuguese, English and Kimbundu. The album contains a notable contribution by the South African singer-songwriter and rapper Spoek Mathambo, who joins Animal for 'NCrazy'. Solid dose of world-beats tailored to the current afrobeats-generation.